Youth Leaderhip
                   since 2011 
Mentor/ Speaker/ Business Entreprenur
Youth leadership is part of the youth development process and supports the young person in developing the ability to analyze his or her own strengths and weaknesses, set personal and vocational goals, have the self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and abilities to carry them out.

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Founder: Sumera Rokita founded the youth global leadership program.  In her youth, She worked as a model from the age of 14, appearing in world famous fashion designer Yumi Katsura as the youngest model as well as television Personel and print advertisements in Japan.
She came to US when she was 19 to explore and seek educational and career ambitions in America. Her struggles as an international student with no financial support, gave her absolute strength, independence, and an open mentality of what it takes to successd in far more global and multicultural society. During her MBA she started her own social media company making commercial and documentaries for Japanese TV station. One of her documentaries was promoted in Canne Film Festival.

 During the 2011, She endured the loss of 28 friends and family from Tsunami Earthquake in Japan. Since then she has gone back to her home town Sendai to raise and deliver charitable support and teach highschool students the imporatance value of leadership and global perspective.
 Since 2012 She started to give seminars and lectures focusing on helping students master ​the Pillars of Effective Leadership as they prepare to serve their communities and the world.  Since 2014 She brought 16 students to Los Angeles creating internship and seminars with global leaders who inspire and teach about structuring thier future dreams and goals. Sumera focuses on what makes her students distinct as a leader and harness their natural ability to lead and to make a difference for others! 
Most recently she launched her business from Media comapny to Leadership education, Real Estate, and Natural Skin care and suppliments companies in US.

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Obtain the ability to establish support networks that help to create a foundation of resources ensuring better achievement of future goals and aspirations
Effect positive social change through the ability to guide or direct others on a course of positive action
Positively influence the values, opinions and behaviors of others
Serve as an exemplary global role model

An important part of This youth leadership program is seeing the sites around some of our nation’s greatest cities. These trips are designed as both sightseeing tours and exclusive educational trips specifically tailored to the area of Leadership. 
  • Visualizing personal growth and development
  • Structuring future dreams and goals
  • Presentation skills and body language
  • Motivation and values of a global leader
  • Seminar Lecture Series conducted by guest global leaders
  • Implications of social media: spreading value messages to the world
  • Networking with other volunteer youth leaders in Los Angeles
  • Mr. ​Junki Yoshida from Yoshida Sauce
  • Mr. Terry Hara : LAPD deputy of chief officer
  • Henry Losano : Director of USA Freedom Corps

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